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deep_sea_life's Journal

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I noticed that there didn't seem to be any communities on here for deep sea life.
This was unacceptable.

Deep Sea Life
is a place for anything pertaining to the deep sea, particularly its inhabitants.

•awesome links
•photos you may find
•art you've created
•news related to deep-sea study
•icons you make, as long as they pertain to... the obvious subject
•stories/poetry/WTFEVER, as long as it relates to DSL!

I shouldn't have to write these down. But just in case you may forget...
•No flame wars or drama, damn it.
•Don't make posts advertising other communities unless they somehow relate to the ocean or weird animals or something like that. In other words... None of this- "Omg! Go join lololololz!!!"
•Be considerate. Think of the less fortunate. Not everyone has a good connection, so pictures must go behind an LJ-cut. You may only post one image outside of an LJ-cut. I'll leave it to your discretion to decide whether a picture is too big to be posted outside of a cut or not.
•I don't give much of a shit if you use profanity in this community, so long as it's not directed with malice toward another member.

•The fact that there are really not too many different deep sea photos around. For example, this photo and variations of it ican be found quite frequently on the internet if you know where to look. So if you're going to post pictures, please check back a little in the community to see whether or not your pictures have already been posted. You won't be banned for posting something we've already seen, just try not to let it happen much.

Trolls or stupid idiots that like to start trouble will be chased right the fuck out of here.

Your moderator, sub_terra. Please do join. Post. Enjoy. Learn. Love.